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The wedding date is set, the reservations confirmed, the guests invited, and, most importantly, you’ve found that person who wants to walk down the aisle with you and make your love for one another official. Congratulations! You’ve done the hard part of preparing to get married. Now, as you and your soon-to-be spouse prepare for your wedding day, there are a few legal items to think about, too. At The Law Store, we’ll make it easy to ensure all the legal issues are covered so you can focus on your big day.

How We Help Soon-to-be-Married Couples

The attorneys at The Law Store are available days, nights, and weekends to help soon-to-be spouses with taking care of the following issues:

  • Marriage Licenses and Other State Requirements: In order for your marriage to be official in Missouri, you are required to have a valid marriage license and ceremony conducted by a valid officiant. The license must also be timely filed with the proper state authorities. Both parties must also comply with state requirements regarding divorce and annulment of previous marriages. Our attorneys will walk you through all applicable state rules to make sure that your marriage is valid and obtained without delay.
  • Name Changes: You may be planning to take your spouse’s name after you get married, or switch to a hyphenated last name. We will help you complete your legal name change and submit it to the appropriate authorities.
  • Estate Planning: By entering into a marriage, you’ll want to think about your loved one’s futures, and how Missouri state law and any existing financial documents like wills, trusts, and life insurance policies will affect them. Our attorneys will explain the effects of state law and your current estate planning instruments (if any) on your estate and loved ones (including former spouses and children by previous marriages), and help you to craft new estate planning goals and strategies to implement those goals.
  • Prenuptial Agreements: Marriage is a commitment, but you and your spouse can take steps now to prepare for the unexpected by creating a prenuptial agreement in order to prevent unnecessary drama, expense, and fighting down the road. A prenuptial agreement allows you to dictate how you and your spouse will handle financial matters if things don’t go as planned, and keeps your private marriage out of the public’s eye and the state’s intervention. If you don’t sign a prenup, it’s not too late. You can accomplish the same thing after you’re married with a postnuptial agreement.

Legal Help When You Need It

We know you’re busy with preparing for your wedding and we are here to provide help when you need it. The Law Store is open on weekends with evening hours on weekdays, and you can drop in, call to schedule an appointment, or schedule online. Because The Law Store provides low upfront pricing, you can save more for your honeymoon! Come in and speak with us for FREE today.

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