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LEGAL SERVICES / Traffic & Misdemeanor Offenses

Get Legal Help with Traffic Tickets, DWI/DUI, and Misdemeanors

Traffic tickets are not only a hassle, they are also expensive and can have long-term consequences. The Law Store can help with charges ranging from minor traffic offenses and parking tickets to driving with a suspended or revoked license. We also provide DWI/DUI services. Even a simple speeding ticket can result in points against your license, wasted time in court, missed time from work, expensive fines, and increased insurance rates. A DWI/DUI offense can cause you to lose your license and driving privileges can result in jail time, and will remain on your record permanently, which can affect future employment. The Law Store lawyers can help you solve these problems and save money.


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Hardship License/Limited Driving Privilege (LDP)

If you drive while your license is suspended or revoked you can be ticketed and arrested which can lead to a longer suspension, revocation, and even incarceration. Don’t get trapped in a needless cycle that deprives you of your driving privileges and freedom. The Law Store can help you apply for a hardship license to drive legally to work, places of worship, doctors’ appointments, funerals, and other necessary destinations.

Being charged with an offense is not the same as being convicted. A Law Store attorney can help advise you so that you can obtain the best possible legal outcome in your case. Don’t let high-priced legal fees stop you from getting the help you need with traffic offenses and DWI charges. Our legal services at The Law Store are fast, convenient, and affordable. We also offer assistance with insurance claims and forms completion. See our other services page for a full listing.

When we represent you for a traffic offense or DWI, we will examine the prosecution’s case against you and challenge every flaw. The following are examples of possible traffic offense and DWI defenses:

  • The officer did not have probable cause to stop you in the first place.
  • The breathalyzer was not properly maintained and calibrated.
  • The officer or technician administering your chemical test for blood alcohol content (BAC) did not have the proper training and certification.
  • Your blood test was not administered properly or the blood sample was not stored properly.
  • There were reasons other than intoxication for poor performance in field sobriety tests.
  • If your BAC was above the legal limit at the time of testing, it may not have been at the time you were driving. We are very familiar with the science behind blood alcohol levels.

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The Law Store attorneys can handle everything from a simple speeding ticket to a DUI or driving while suspended order to save you time, save you money on insurance rates and keep your fitness as low as possible.

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