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1. Your children will not be sent to foster care without a will stating where you want your child to live after your death, the government will either chose a relative to place your child in the care of, or send them into foster care where they will travel between homes until adopted.

2. Your separated spouse will not get your assets if you are legally married, but separated from your spouse, your spouse is entitled to your assets unless otherwise specified by you in a will

3. It will make your death easier on your family rather than sorting through your assets, arguing over who gets your finances, and dragging out your death by fighting over heirlooms, outlining who receives what upon your death gives your family a sense of relief, and you a peace of mind knowing where your things will go after you die

4. Your house and property will not be auctioned off by the government without a will outlining who gets your house or property after death the government has the right to auction both off if a family member does not claim both within a given deadline following your death

5. Your family could reap the benefits of your finances for years to come. Giving the gift of money to your loved ones goes beyond them buying things for themselves- the possibilities are endless. Imagine the possibilities, your son could attend law school, your daughter could buy a house, your legacy could live on through the donation of funds to a charity.