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  1. A Bill of Sale is a written agreement and proof of transfer of property ownership
  2. Bill of Sale applies to items of personal property such as vehicles, appliances, or other goods you purchase.
  3. A Bill of Sale should contain the name of the original owner, the purchaser, and identify the item being transferred. Any conditions to the sale that must be met before transfer is complete and the date, amount, and method of payment are also typically included.
  4. The Missouri Department of Revenue offers a free Bill of Sale form for vehicles. It can be found and downloaded here. http://dor.mo.gov/forms/1957.pdf
  5. A bill of sale may be used to determine how much you will pay in sales tax.
  6. Some states, such as Missouri, require a Bill of Sale for vehicle purchases before you can receive clear title and register your vehicle
  7. Warranties, or promises from the seller, can be included on the Bill of Sale.

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