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Many people view speeding tickets as minor infractions that are nothing more than a nuisance. However, speeding tickets can not only be expensive, they can also have serious long-term consequences. A simple speeding ticket can carry heavy fines, and points on your license can lead to skyrocketing insurance premiums or even license suspension.

If you get a speeding ticket in Joplin, the lawyers at The Law Store TM are here to help you fight it and keep harmful points off your record.

How to Fight a Speeding Ticket in Missouri

When you receive a speeding ticket in Missouri, you can choose between two pleas: guilty or not guilty. Pleading guilty means that you agree to pay the fine and accept any agreed-to penalties. (Get a free online traffic ticket quote here.)

Pleading not guilty, on the other hand, means that you intend to fight the ticket in court. You do this by submitting a Not Guilty Plea form to the court.

Once you’ve entered your not guilty plea, you need to get ready to argue your case. Preparing your case includes pulling together all of the evidence that you believe works in your favor, including photographs, any police records, statements from witnesses, and a copy of your Missouri driving record. On your designated court date, you will present your arguments before a judge.

You have the option of representing yourself in traffic court. However, many people choose to hire an experienced traffic attorney to argue on their behalf. In most instances, having a lawyer on your side is the best approach. Traffic ticket attorneys specialize in fighting speeding tickets and know all the possible grounds for arguing against a ticket.

While there are no guarantees, hiring a lawyer can increase your chances of a favorable outcome, including reduced charges, fewer points on your license, or having the ticket dismissed altogether.

After you or your lawyer has argued your case to the court, the judge can issue one of two rulings:

  • The court can decide in your favor, and either reduce the charges or dismiss the speeding ticket
  • The court can find you “guilty;” this can have a variety of ramifications, including points on your driving record, license suspension, fines, and increased auto insurance premiumsIt’s important to note, however, that even if you win, you still have to pay any applicable court or legal fees.

How an Experienced Joplin Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Help

People get speeding tickets every day. Unfortunately, they can come with serious consequences. With penalties as important as fines and license suspension on the line, consulting with an experienced traffic ticket attorney is your best chance of getting your charges reduced or your ticket dismissed.

At the Law Store, our experienced traffic ticket attorneys are familiar with the grounds for challenging Joplin speeding tickets. We offer low-cost, flat fees and upfront pricing in all traffic ticket cases. Our Free First AdviceTM program allows you to consult with one of our speeding ticket attorneys free of charge to discuss the best approach to handling your ticket. Book an appointment today by dropping by The Law Store, calling us, or scheduling a service online.