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No one likes getting a traffic ticket. Dealing with a ticket can be expensive and time-consuming, and choosing whether to pay a ticket or fight it may not be a clear-cut decision. Thankfully, The Law StoreTM is here to help. With our Free First AdviceTM program, your first traffic ticket consultation is on us.

Your Options When You Get A Ticket

Any time you get a traffic ticket in Missouri, you have two basic options: pay it or fight it.

Paying a ticket is the quickest route to resolution, but it’s not without consequences. Fines vary by violation and county, and some tickets can be expensive. (Get a quick traffic ticket quote today!)

You may also have points added to your driving record. If you accumulate too many points in a given period, you may lose your license. A Missouri license can be suspended or revoked in the following situations.

If you accumulate 8 or more points in 18 months, you will face a license suspension:

  • 1st suspension: 30 days.
  • 2nd suspension: 60 days.
  • 3rd or subsequent suspension: 90 days.

You will lose your license for a full year if you accumulate:

  • 12 points or more within 12 months.
  • 18 points or more within 24 months.
  • 24 points or more within 36 months.

If you have previous suspensions or points on your record, you need to consider the consequences that paying your ticket will have on your driving privileges. It’s also important to note that a traffic ticket will stay on your Missouri driving record for at least three years, or five years if it led to suspension or revocation of your license. You may also see an increase in your car insurance premiums.

Choosing to challenge your ticket rather than pay it is a more complicated and time-consuming process, but it can save you money and avoid a possible license suspension. Fighting a traffic ticket requires that you request a court hearing and plead “not guilty” to the violation in person. When fighting a ticket, you can choose to represent yourself or you can hire an attorney to appear in court for you.

If the court rules in your favor, either your charges will be reduced or the ticket will be dismissed altogether. You will still be required to pay any applicable court and legal fees. If you are found guilty, points will be added to your record and you will have to pay the ticket, along with the court fees.

How The Law Store Can Help

When you receive a traffic ticket, it’s important to act quickly. You only have 30 days to decide how you’re going to proceed. If you fail to act in that window, a Missouri court has the power to suspend your license or issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

With our Free First AdviceTM program, you will receive a no-hassle, no-cost consultation on how best to handle your traffic ticket. The lawyers at The Law Store can review your past driving record and help you determine your best course of action, whether that’s simply paying the fine or choosing to fight your ticket.

If you decide to fight your ticket, our lawyers can help argue your case. While there are no guarantees, having a lawyer on your side may help you avoid having to pay an expensive fine and keep a violation off your permanent record. The Law Store saves you money by offering low-cost, flat fees and upfront pricing.

Book an appointment today by dropping by The Law Store, calling us, or scheduling a service online. Contact us now for Free First AdviceTM on your traffic ticket.