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We’ve all done it – driven our automobile over the posted speed limit. Many drivers routinely go over the speed limit, but when you find yourself pulled over by law enforcement in Missouri and handed a speeding ticket, you probably know just saying “everyone is doing it” is not going to work as a defense. But what you may be wondering is how to fight a speeding ticket in Missouri, and whether it’s even worth it.

To Fight or Not to Fight: That is the Question

In Missouri, the fines for a speeding ticket alone can range from $73 at the bare minimum if you are traveling just 1-5 mph over the speed limit, and can go way up, depending on your speed, and whether it was in a construction zone with workers present, topping out at over $400 for a single ticket. (Get a quote for your traffic ticket quickly and efficiently with our Traffic Ticket Fixer.)

The financial hit of the ticket alone may be reason enough for fighting the ticket, but there are other consequences as well. Your car insurer may raise your monthly rates, which over time can dwarf the amount of the ticket. Missouri enforces a points system for driving privileges, meaning that whenever a driver is found to have broken the driving laws (through a speeding ticket or otherwise), points are assessed against his or her license which can result in suspension or even revocation.

The Grounds for Fighting a Speeding Ticket

Many people simply pay the speeding ticket, whether they think the ticket was accurately assessed or not, perhaps not realizing that there are numerous ways to fight a speeding ticket and working with a speeding ticket attorney is easier and cheaper than one might think.

Although a speeding ticket is a civil violation and not a criminal charge, the burden is still on the prosecutor to prove that you actually violated the law. There are a number of ways to call that proof into a question. First off, you can argue that the arresting officer mistakenly identified you as a speeding driver; the officer may have confused you with a driver in a similar-looking car. Second, the officer’s assessment of your speed may have been inaccurate, and the prosecutor will have to prove that the assessment was accurate and/or the speed-measuring device was properly working at the time it was used. Finally, you may have had a legally valid reason for exceeding the speed limit, such as trying to avoid an accident or tending to an emergency. Oftentimes, simply presenting such grounds to the officer or prosecutor can result in the ticket being dropped.

Get Help Fighting Your Speeding Ticket at The Law Store Today

At The Law Store, our attorneys help clients avoid speeding ticket fines and consequences through our low-cost $79 flat-fee speeding ticket service. Our attorneys are available nights and weekends, and you can schedule an appointment online, by phone, or simply by stopping by one of our locations. Schedule a free consultation today to discuss fighting your speeding ticket in Missouri.