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If you have been hurt or injured on the job in Missouri, and have to miss over three days from work, you can apply for temporary disability payments to be paid for any lost wages due to your injury. In most cases, this should be a relatively straightforward process of receiving the disability payments you deserve, but sometimes employers and insurers push back by arguing that your injuries are not serious enough to warrant missing work or that your injuries were not due to your job. At The Law Store, our workplace injury attorneys are here to help you navigate the process of receiving temporary and permanent disability payments so that you and your family are taken care of in your time of need. Below is a brief overview of the process of obtaining temporary disability payments after a work injury in Missouri.

Report Your Injury to Your Employer Immediately

Even if your supervisor or employer was present when your injury occurred, the burden is on you to make a written report to your employer as soon as possible after the injury occurred, and our attorneys can assist you in this process. Your written notice should include your identifying information, a description of how the accident occurred, the nature of your injuries, and the date, time, and location the accident occurred.

Wait for the Employer’s Response

After you file your written report, it is then the employer’s responsibility to file the claim with the disability insurer that it has retained within five days. If your employer does not file the claim or if you face any kind of backlash or retaliation from your employer for filing a report, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible if you have not already. You or your lawyer can periodically check in to see what progress has been made in receiving a decision from the insurer.

Appeal Your Decision through Dispute Resolution, if Necessary

If the insurer does not award you the temporary disability payments you believe you are owed (Missouri workers eligible for full temporary disability should receive 66.67% of their normal pay tax-free for the time that they are unable to work at all), then you have the option of pursuing several processes to resolve your dispute. This can involve an informal negotiation between your attorney and insurer, or going before an administrative law judge who will listen to arguments from both the insurer and your attorney as to whether temporary disability payments are required in your case.

Talk to a Workplace Accident Attorney at The Law Store Today

Whatever the circumstances of your injury are, The Law Store will work with you to determine the best strategy for recovery in your workplace accident matter. Our Free First AdviceTM program allows you to meet with one of our attorneys free of charge to discuss your case, and you will no legal fee unless we recover on your behalf. We are open nights and weekends to better serve you. Book an appointment today by dropping by The Law Store, calling us, or scheduling a service online.