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The Law Store is pleased to announce that, in its continuing mission to provide affordable, convenient legal guidance and services to individuals and families across Missouri, it has opened a third location in the Springfield, MO Walmart. The Springfield location of The Law Store now joins The Law Store’s other two locations in the Joplin Walmart and Neosho Walmart in serving the legal needs of Missouri residents with easily accessible attorneys and flat-fee menu-pricing of legal services. The Springfield Store celebrated its opening on October 15 with free giveaways and an introduction to the legal services The Law Store has to offer the residents of Springfield and the surrounding areas.

What Makes The Law Store Different?

It’s no surprise that The Law Store is continuing to expand across Missouri and beyond, because The Law Store offers the type of client service, pricing, and range of services that traditional law firms and online legal services have failed to provide. Unlike a traditional law firm, The Law Store invites customers simply to drop in at any time, including nights and weekends, to speak with an attorney about a wide range of legal issues from personal injury claims to small business legal services and obtain “Free First Advice” on their issue before deciding whether to choose a legal service from a flat-fee pricing menu.

Because The Law Store offers extended hours while being conveniently located inside various Walmart locations, it is easy for parents and those with full work schedules to get legal advice when they need it. Finally, The Law Store’s custom technology platform makes it even easier for clients to receive legal services efficiently and conveniently by allowing them to self-schedule online, manage documents, e-sign, pay online, and communicate with counsel on their home computer or mobile device.

Visit The Law Store Today

If you are in the Springfield, Joplin, or Neosho areas, we encourage you to stop by one of our locations today just to say hello or to inquire about a legal issue you are facing. And if you are not in one of the areas, keep an eye out for The Law Store as we continue to expand in the coming months throughout Missouri, and on to Georgia, Texas, Florida and North Carolina.