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We all know someone who has had a divorce, and it may even seem like divorce is the norm among your friends and families. Every marriage is a union of two unique personalities, and thus every divorce is unique in its own way. At the same time, while the details may be different, there do exist commonalities among many divorces. Several years ago, the Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture conducted a nationwide survey regarding the reasons for divorce and found that certain reasons came up again and again in divorce actions.

Infidelity Tops the List

The seven common reasons for divorce as compiled by the Austin Institute include:

  • Infidelity by Either Party (37%): More than a third of divorcees cited this reason, with three-quarters of them pointing to the other spouse’s infidelity.
  • Unresponsive to Partner’s Needs (32%): Marriage is hard work, and when one or both spouses are unwilling to be responsive to the other’s needs on a continual basis, it can be difficult to see a way to keep the marriage alive.
  • Inability to Make Match Work (30%): We often hear about people who marry young divorcing because they had not figured out who they were yet and what will make for a compatible marriage, but this can happen at any age.
  • Spouse’s Immaturity (30%): Again, marriage requires continual work, and immaturity can unfortunately follow a spouse well into adulthood, causing significant damage to the marriage partnership.
  • Emotional Abuse (29%): No spouse should be expected to endure ongoing abuse from his or her partner, whether it be in the form of physical or emotional abuse.
  • Finances/Spending (24%): Marriage is a financial partnership, and when one spouse has to work overtime to fund the other spouse’s wasteful spending – or when one spouse needlessly prevents another from acquiring the basic things of life – complications can ensue.
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse (23%): Addiction is no joke, and, left unchecked, eats away at a spouse’s ability to meet the emotional needs of the other spouse, among other things. Refusal to get help can often result in divorce.

Divorce is a Personal Decision, But Help is Available

If you are experiencing issues in your marriage that are causing you to consider divorce, then you are not alone. The Austin Institute survey indicates that 13% of married men and 20% of married women have thought about leaving their spouse in the past year.

No one can tell you whether making the decision to terminate the marriage is the best choice for you, especially a family law attorney. But the fact of the matter is that a divorce often involves deep financial and legal consequences for spouses, which can be positive or negative, and often a mix of both. You will need to think about how your property will be distributed following a marriage, how much alimony or spousal support you might be entitled to or obligated to pay, what custody and visitation decisions might be made regarding your children, and so on. An experienced family law attorney can walk you through these issues as they will apply to your given situation so that you have a clear-eyed view of how a divorce might affect you and your family, even if you are not sure that is the route you want to pursue.

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